Sunday, October 11, 2015

UK Bands – We Tip Our Caps

     We were reviewing the list of songs to review and kept noticing the same word – London. Is there a city that’s claimed as the hometown by a greater number of Indie artists pushing their way onto the scene? Based upon on avalanche of observational information, Indie Obsessive has to answer, “No!”
     Expand the sampling beyond the London limits to the entirety of England and the comparison with other areas of similar geographic areas becomes an even more one-sided discussion. Living in a state (California) that is larger than England, we can only tip our caps.

     The trip outside of London is to North East, which is where Cape Cub resides. His song “Swim” was included in an earlier post of Indie Obsessive. His music is trending upwardly, since the newly released “Keep Me in Mind” is more attractive. The song drives along smoothly and efficiently, then finds another gear at the 2:06 mark.  

     BOA is based in London, but its Twitter account points to Bristol as their origin. The song "Holier" has a stress on the vocal strengths of the band, but builds light instrumentation (and finger snaps) around the vocals. The instruments are light, which contrasts with the message of the lyrics:
He’s everything I know I can’t be
You’ve taken all that joy
What’s deep into the noise
I feel a blinding light before my eyes
That shows me a terrorizing weight
I’ve been making my escape
I know now how it feels to drown

     HAUS is formed of Ashley Mulimba (vocals, guitar), Ellis Mortimer (bass, synth, backing vocals), Sam Kelly (guitar, backing vocals), Daniel Hylton (guitar) and Lyle Simpson (drums). The song from this London-based band is “Haze.”

     If you’re looking for a workout song, “Priestess” is a good candidate. As instruments are added, so is the motivation. For example, the guitar at the 2:01 mark and the saxophone at 4:23 push the listener. “Priestess” is a song by Pumarosa. The members are Isabel Munoz-Newsome, Henry Brown, Tomoya Suzuki, Neville James and Nicholas Owen.

     Malpas offers the song “Where the River Runs.” The band is based in London, but has its roots in Birmingham.


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