Thursday, October 8, 2015

“Shaded In” by filous (featuring Jordan Léser) – A Song Review

     Yesterday’s post reviewed the music of a 19-year-old. Today, we go a year younger. “Shaded In” is a release from filous, another artist who shuns capitalization. The name filous is French for “rascal.” He is based in Vienna, Austria.
      The songs of filous that fit well within Indie Obsessive are the ones that feature another artist. That should not be read as an indication that filous needs the help of others in order to generate music that is appreciated. Rather, it’s an admission that Indie Obsessive leaves the remixes and Electronica to blogs with a better understanding of that music. “Shaded In” features Jordan Léser. The song “Dawn” features the band ROBB. 

     “Shaded In” featuring Jordan Léser

     “Dawn” featuring ROBB ( 

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