Friday, October 30, 2015

Riley Pearce and Jake McMullen – Singer/Songwriters

     This post features songs by a pair of 22 year olds from different sides of the globe.
     Riley Pearce is a singer/songwriter in Perth, Western Australia. His song “Brave” was released in August 2015, but we only recently realized its effectiveness. The trumpet plays a strong role in creating a woeful essence, while the vocal fluctuations add to the emotional tone of lyrics that are highly poetic without rhyming. We aren’t confident that the first line is right, but to understand the reference to the fluctuations, pay attention to the vocals in the first verse::
You're scared 'cause I answered
This feeling in my head is being there for too long
We sleep now with the light on,
But shadows make shapes in the light
And I don't know what they might be.
“Brave” by Riley Pearce

     Jake McMullen is from Orange County in California, but moved to Nashville to further his career. As a blog with its roots in California, we find it a little sad that talented artists relocate from the state for career reasons. But we certainly wish Jake well. Based on the song “Always,” he has the talent to succeed regardless of his location.
     “Always” by Jake McMullen

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