Monday, September 21, 2015

“Mont Blanc” by Quiet Hollers – A Song Review

     And then the bomb.” Quiet Hollers released a song about post-apocalyptic thoughts. "I used to worry about what clothes I had on, the school recitals and the manicured lawn.” I had a laundry list of people I could count on, if it all went wrong; “and then the bomb.” The song is named for the expensive pen, “Mont Blanc,” he used before his life was changed.
     Shed a tear for the books I shoulda read.” In a protected time, this sentence would be interpreted as a regret for not having read the classics. But after the bomb, it’s a statement about the lack of preparation for what occurred, “And I’d seen all the warning signs on the TV and in The Times; but I had you to hold at night, and so it took me by surprise.” I’ll try to learn and keep us fed.
     The trophy for the most poignant instrument in “Mont Blanc” clearly belongs to the strings. The most poignant thought is “And if the bastards ever come, promise me you’ll take the kids and run; I may be weak and I may be frail, but I can throw them off your trail.”

      Quiet Hollers will release a self-titled album on October 23.
     The band is based in Louisville, Kentucky and is formed of Shadwick Wilde (vocals, guitar), Nick Goldring (drums), Aaron West (strings, guitar), Ryan Scott (keys, bass) and Jim Bob Brown (keys, backing vocals). At times Sarah Wilde contributes to the vocals. 
      “Mont Blanc” by Quiet Hollers

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