Saturday, July 6, 2013

“Went to War” by Amason – A Song Review.

     Not long ago, we were skeptical of “super groups.” The definition that we have heard is that a super group is a collection of musicians with histories of not getting along with band members, but who for a very short time assume they will get along with each other. Fortunately, the evidence supporting the definition is aging and the quality of music from super groups is rising (the best 2012 example is “Would That Not Be Nice” by Divine Fits).
     At least thus far, the best 2013 super group is Amason, Swedish-based musicians who have formed a Los Angeles-based band. The members are Gustav Ejstes (from Dungen), Amanda Hollingby Matsson (from Idiot Wind), Pontus Winnberg (from Miike Snow), and Nils Törnqvist and Petter Winnberg (from Little Majorette). Amason recently released “Went to War” and we were immediately obsessed.
     “Went to War” includes an attractive rotation of female and male vocals. And the song is an addition to the seemingly ever growing number of trumpet-featured songs of 2013. This appears to be the year of the trumpet, and we are in favor of the trend.

     "Went ot War" by Amason

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