Wednesday, July 10, 2013

“Come Atlantis” by We Govern We - A Song Review

     Since our obsession with the song “Come Atlantis” in 2011, we have paid attention to each release by We Govern We. There hasn’t been a disappointment. But almost every band has one song that stands out above the others. For We Govern We, the song is “Come Atlantis.”
     We Govern We is based in Ventura, California, but has roots in Greece. Members Anna Karakalou (vocals) and Panos Scourtis (guitar and backing vocals) are a husband-and-wife team who previously were with a Greek rock band (Sigmatropic). The other members of the band are John Boutin (drums) and Adrian Burke (bass and backing vocals).

     “Come Atlantis” includes a number of features that combine to make it a song that withstands the test of time. Near the start, "Come Atlantis" draws attention with an almost tribal drums, soon adds a guitar riff, then goes minimalistic as Karakalou begins the song's story. Add the tempo build at the 2:00 mark, the nine-second guitar "disorder" starting at 2:35, and the subtle features (such as the momentary use of echo) - the equation results is a song that is interesting for different reasons with different moods of the listener.

     "Come Atlantis" by We Govern We

     "Fields" by We Govern We - another "keeper" 

     "Mulligan's Island" by We Govern We - this one is currently offered as a free download

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