Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wildlife Control – Band Review

      In September, 2012, we were driving to San Francisco with good friends Bob and Nancy with the intent of seeing Wildlife Control at the Bottom of the Hill. Unfortunately, the car was uncooperative, and we missed the opportunity.
     The show at the Bottom of the Hill was one of the release parties for the band. They had two release parties for a single album, because the main members are based in two cities separated by thousands of miles. The band is led by two brothers, one living in San Francisco and the other in Brooklyn. The brothers are Neil Shah (lead vocals, guitar and piano) and Sumul Shah (vocals, drums and guitar). In concert, the brothers are joined by Moppa Elliott (bass) and Kevin Thaxton (bass).

     The song “Analog or Digital” surfaced in December 2011. It was met with positive reviews. The steady guitar drive and the crisp vocals make it an easy listen. Thus, the attempt to see Wildlife Control at the Bottom of the Hill.
     "Analog or Digital" By Wildlife Control (along with "Ohai (Do I Know You)") (FREE DOWNLOAD)

     However, the recent releases are more likely to withstand “the test of time.”  In January, Wildlife Control released “Different.” The song has a greater complexity than does “Analog or Digital.”
     "Analog or Digital" By Wildlife Control (FREE DOWNLOAD)

     (Here comes another “however”) – However, it’s “Ages Places” that motivated us to a blog entry dedicated to Wildlife Control. If you look at the below Soundcloud waveform, there is a division into roughly a first half and a second half. The first half is enjoyable. The vocals are more muffled than in "Analog or Digital,” but the piano carries this first portion of the song. In the middle of the song, there are the equally spaced piano notes which are shown in semi-isolation within the waveform – nice touch. The second half of “Ages Places” builds in power, which seems to be similar to what is happening with Wildlife Control if they continue along the path they are following.
     "Analog or Digital" By Wildlife Control (FREE DOWNLOAD)

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