Monday, March 18, 2013

"Memphis" by Cam Penner

     Our library of songs that fit in the genre of “banjo-infused country pseudo rap” is one song deep. Therefore, the song “Memphis” by Cam Penner is our favorite song within this genre. But we suspect that if this obscure genre were to blossom (fat chance), Penner’s song would maintain its top position.
     Cam Penner has led an interesting life. He is from Manitoba, Canada. At 18, he went to Chicago with some friends and did not return. Instead, he stayed at a commune, and helped the homeless by dishing “mystery soup” during the day. He also worked in detox shelters and women & children shelters. “Memphis” will be on his sixth album, which is scheduled to drop in April. Some of his early work reflects the less than pleasant environment which was his world early in life.

     "Memphis" by Cam Penner - A Free, Legal and Recommnded download.

     "Driftwood"  by Cam Penner. Especially with the harmonica start, this song screams "Neil Young!" But it also rests on the skills of Penner.

      "To Build a Fire" is another song that will be on the April album. Currently, it is available as a free download.

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