Monday, March 11, 2013

"Home" - One of Our Favorite Recent Releases

     In a Facebook post, a friend confessed that she was pleasantly surprised upon starting her car after attending a class and finding that both the song and the timing of the song were the same as when she had hurriedly left the car to make the class, but then realized she was listening to her CD. She mentioned that the song was her current favorite – “Home.”
     Sure, we knew it was the song by Phillip Phillips. But it didn’t have to be. There are a number of songs released around the same time or later than Phillips’ release, all having the same title. Some are better than others, but we find them all worthwhile. Personally, we like some of them better than Phillips’ “Home.” Certainly, if we gave it some thought and made a mixtape of six or seven of these songs with the same title, we would listen to the mixtape as often as many of our other CDs.

    First is a folksy "Home" by Dan Croll. It's Americana by a guy from Liverpool, England. But it has a kick that starts just before the two-minute mark.

     "Home" by Dan Croll

     Falls is a duo (Simon Rudston-Brown and Melinda Kirwin) from Sydney, Australia. This is another "Home" within the Indie Folk genre. If you listen to the song, over time it becomes a toe-tapper.
     "Home" by The Falls

This song by The Falls is available for free download at CLICK HERE

     Daughter is a band form London, England. This song is about a relationship and we like the verse "Burnt out flames should not reignite, but I thought you might."
     Home" by Daughter.

     Lights and Motion is an instrumental release that reminds us of Explosions in the Sky. The song uses guitars and unconventional percussion to repeatedly build energy. But our favorite aspect might proceed the first instrument, since the nostalgia-inducing sound of a well-aged vinyl record is the first sound. This is a recent release, so it is safe to assume that the vinyl scratch is intentional. Interesting, since the artist is only 24. Christoffer Franzen is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.
     "Home" by Lights and Motion

     "Home" by The Wealthy West, a band from Austin, Texas (OK, we admit it, this one is not from 2012-2013).

  Next is a band from Detroit with a name for Canada - Ontario. You can download their entire EP from NoiseTrade for the price of an email address - CLICK HERE TO ACCESS NOISETRADE

     "Home" by Dog and Panther (available for "Name your own price" at - CLICK HERE FOR BANDCAMP)

 "Home" by Dash. This is the techno entry into the mix (note that it's a free download).

     "Home" by These Old Wounds - the first of two bands based in the San Francisco Bay Area. These Old Wounds is the moniker of Thor Dickey from Oakland, California.

     The second SF Bay Area contribution is from Giraffage, the handle of Charlie Yin. This is another free download.

   "Home" by Austra

   Another free download is this one from the Stockholm, Sweden artist Frida Sundemo.

     Finally, we include one that is older, but it's a great in-concert song.
     "Home" by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes

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