Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dandan - Another Entry from Stockholm

     Dandan is a band from Stockholm, Sweden. The members are Daniel Nilsson, Patrik Engström, Max Anderhell, Hannes Ek, and Gustaf Montelius. On their website, the band describes its history as:
     “Dandan started out in the spring of 2012, on initiative of singer, songwriter and guitarist Daniel Nilsson, who began to record an EP together with drummer Max Anderhell and bass player Patrik Engström.  At the time when the EP was finished, Daniel wasn’t satisfied with the songs and abandoned them cold-heartedly to collect dust throughout the summer.
     After a couple of months, however, the band decided to give the songs a second chance by treating them with kid gloves and caring for them. They were carefully tucked in with cozy synthesizers to heal the wounds from broken hearts and distorted dreams, which resulted in four power-pop songs filled with hope, longing and pain. Guitarist Hannes Ek joined the band in October 2012.”
     We enjoy the title song from the Dandan’s upcoming EP. “Satan.” has an increasing energy and interesting fluctuations in the vocals. 

     "Satin" by Dandan. 

     "Swimmers" is another solid track from the "Satan" EP.

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